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Our skilled HVAC technicians can design, install and maintain it all

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems for commercial and industrial applications provide comfortable and controlled indoor environments for large buildings. Complexity and design vary based on building size, occupancy, climate conditions, and specific industry requirements. As Waikato HVAC and commercial refrigeration technicians, we can customise a design perfect for your application and to perform at its best. You will enjoy long-term savings and ongoing support with our energy-efficient HVAC and commercial refrigeration maintenance services. 

We can handle everything from commercial processing plants with refrigeration and ventilation requirements to smaller operations. We work with all major brands and can tailor a system to suit your budget. 

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Hamilton's trusted commercial air conditioning and HVAC systems specialists

  • IQP and BWOF compliance specialists
  • We work hard to get you the best deal on quality HVAC equipment
  • Comprehensive heating, cooling and ventilation services
Our heating, cooling and ventilation services are available in Waikato, BOP and Auckland.

You cannot go past L.A Refrigeration for the best air conditioning deals

Working across various sectors, our team has the expertise to determine what's right for you. We can supply and install whatever you require, and we shop around for the best price and fit any quality brands offering great value, reduced power consumption and maintenance costs. Furthermore, as IQP certified technicians, we can assist with your BWOF compliance by completing annual inspections and reporting requirements.
Heat pump and air conditioning systems we install include:
  • Rooftop packages
  • Ducted split systems
  • Supply and installation of more economical hot water heat pumps
  • Water-cooled packaged units
  • Air curtains, hi wall, floor console, and ceiling-mounted units
  • VRF smooth drive systems
  • Rooftop packages
  • Ducted split systems
  • VRF smooth drive systems
  • Water-cooled packaged units
  • Air curtains, hi wall, floor console, and ceiling-mounted units

  • We value your custom, so if you find a new system is beyond reach, our team can inspect your existing equipment and see if we can save you money with our HVAC retrofits. Here, we keep your current machinery and upgrade it with quality parts so you can get back to business. Call us today to learn more about commercial air conditioning & HVAC systems to run your business more efficiently.

    Eco-friendly hot water heating solutions

    Heating options include high-efficiency boilers and heat pumps, which can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower heating costs. Modern innovations like air-to-water heat pumps further reduce your environmental impact and work well in the harshest conditions. To generate hot water, you won't find a more economical solution. To find the right hot water heating systems for your requirements, get in touch today.

    Maintain good airflow throughout with our commercial ventilation systems

    Good ventilation in your commercial building involves a suitable air handling unit (AHU) capable of producing consistent airflow and adequate circulation. Get it wrong, and the system will struggle to maintain comfortable indoor environments, and may not abide by the MPI regulations. The perfect setup relies on expert advice after careful analysis and a site audit. At L.A Refrigeration, whether you have basic requirements or more demanding commercial or industrial applications, we can help from start to finish.

    Designing the right commercial ventilation system requires careful consideration of all its components. These include the following;

    Filters capture dust, allergens and other airborne particles, keeping air clean and pressurised so no bugs get in.
    Controls & Sensors
    These monitor and adjust various parameters, including temperature, humidity and airflow.
    Fans & Blowers
    Fans push air from the return side to the supply side of the system, bringing fresh air in and removing old air, including exhaust emissions.
    Heating & Cooling Coils
    Coils transfer heat to or from the air. Heating coils may use hot water or steam while cooling coils use chilled water or refrigeration.
    Dampers allow for zoning and balancing air distribution by regulating airflow within the system.
    Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers
    Humidifiers and dehumidifiers either add or remove moisture from the air to control humidity levels.

    Our clients include some of the most innovative manufacturers in the country, and we thrive on keeping their factories and equipment up and running. Experienced trouble-shooters, we solve problems others walk away from. Plus, we make it easy with affordable quarterly contracts for planned maintenance so you can avoid costly breakdowns. Call now for a personal one-on-one consultation. 
    Offering Innovative And Customised Cooling And Heating Solutions
    18 Lincoln Street, Frankton, Hamilton
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